Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Your chance to b CLEO Cover Girl!!

CLINIQUE Star Tour 2010 partnership with CLEO mag.
Hey gorgeous... v(^_^)v
Dream to be CLEO cover gurl just like sexy+shweet Shalma Ainaa...

Its time for ya to shine like a star..
Nah! here, ya chance to b Cleo Cover Girl....
Lemme explain to ya how to get chance to be CLEO Cover Girl...

1. Head over to ya nearest CLINIQUE Star Tour.
2. Then, purchase a RM30.00 voucher [so cheap rite? :)] and you will receive a CLINIQUE
doorgift worth RM150!! Wow!! really worth it uh?
3. Have consultation session by CLINIQUE experts.
4. Next, is time for makeover session... Get ready for beautiful make up and gorgeous
hair style!!
5. Then, pose with confident girls!! Photo shoot Session!!! Show them what you got girls!! :)
Make them phhewittt!! (^0^!) hahaha... :)
6. Pick ya best shoot n describe 3 words about ya self... easy rite?

If u r lucky, u stand a chance to walk away with RM5000 worth of CLINIQUE product plus featured in CLEO magazine!
Whoa!! what a bless gurls! :)

Here the tour itinerary:

p/s: I wanna join this for fun!! :)